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Workplace Ready Program

Workplace Ready Program

Reconciliation Australia’s reconciliation model of building strong relationships and enhancing respect to achieve sustainable employment and business opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people has informed our Workplace Ready Program, which is being delivered in partnership with the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR).

Master-class workshops

Through the delivery of six one-day employment master-class workshops, the program provides a forum for organisations to enhance their success in creating the right internal culture to attract and retain Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees. The sessions provide organisations with the appropriate tools, strategies and information to support them in achieving their public commitments to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment.

Day one: Understanding the business case for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment.

Day two: Creating a socially inclusive workplace.

Day three: Recruiting effectively – advertising, reviewing recruitment processes, culturally appropriate interviewing.

Day four: Developing post-placement on-boarding programs to achieve maximum retention.

Day five: Identifying career and personal development for current Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees.

Day six: Understanding the benefits and opportunities that come from diversifying your supply chain.

Online toolkit

The master-class workshops are supported by an online toolkit to ensure lessons and insights can be shared across the entire organisation. The online toolkit includes “good practice” case studies from a number of organisations that presented during the Masterclass sessions. In these case studies, these organisations share the strategic and operational aspects that led to the success of their programs and approaches.

The online toolkit can be view at

2013 Program

In 2013 the program is being delivered in Brisbane and Canberra and will commence in June 2013. For more information on the program, contact Reconciliation

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