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Indigenous Governance

Indigenous Governance

Strong, well run Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations are a critical linchpin to improving the lives of the First Australians.

Our Indigenous Governance program is about recognising and developing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ central role in strengthening their communities.

Reconciliation Australia has run a range of governance programs over the last decade. This includes convening the first national Indigenous Governance Conference and creating the Indigenous Governance Awards, in partnership with BHP Billiton, to identify, celebrate and promote effective governance.

Some of the early governance work included the community governance project, a partnership between the Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research (CAEPR) and Reconciliation Australia. It undertook research on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community governance with participating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, regional organisations, and leaders across Australia.

Click here for information of the Indigenous Governance Awards Program or read about the Indigenous Community Governance Research Project.

To access the Governance Toolkit click here.

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