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What’s it really like?

Aboriginal outstation: An area of land on which a small community of Aboriginal people lives away from larger settlements. = outcamp, outstation.

The media often gives us images and ideas about what life is like in an Indigenous community. It’s often hard to form your own opinions about what life ‘is really like.’

Here’s a collection of fun, interesting and occasionally interactive sites that might shed a different light on the Indigenous community experience.

Us Mob

‘Us Mob’ is a 7-part ‘choose your own adventure’ series set in the central desert of Australia. Us Mob allows you to follow central Australian Aboriginal teenagers Charlie, Della, Harry and Jacquita as they head off on journeys full of fun, excitement and crisis.

Walpiri Media Association

Warlpiri Media Association (WMA) is a non-profit community organisation managed by a locally elected Indigenous management committee. Learn about WMA and the community in which it’s based, Yuendumu.

Mission Voices

Share in the unique culture and history of Victorian Aboriginal (Koorie) people. Hear Victorian Elders tell of their lives on missions and reserves. They are places full of contradictions, places they call home. Covers mission life on Framlingham, Ebenezer, Lake Tyers, Corranderk, Cummeragunja and Lake Condah and features Elders including Uncle Albert Mullet, Aunty Joy Murphy, Uncle Lenny Clarke, Uncle Colin Walker and more.

General Practice and Primary Health Care Northern Territory

Designed to assist health practitioners arriving to work in Northern Territory Indigenous communities, the community profiles accessible via this website detail the practicalities of everyday life in a remote community: What does the shop stock? What medical services are there? How do you get there? What are the rules around alcohol consumption?

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