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True Reconciliation

“I believe in reconciliation and what it can deliver for my people, and for this country.” Professor Mick Dodson

“I will always think of reconciliation as a fine and noble cause to be involved in. I feel very lucky to have been so closely involved with it for such a long, long time. But this is a movement of today and the future, just as much as it is of the past.” Jackie Huggins

“Building the respectful partnerships that underpin every example of success we have at our disposal, locally and around the world – this is what reconciliation is all about these days.” The Hon. Fred Chaney

Reconciliation involves building mutually respectful relationships between Indigenous and other Australians that allow us to work together to solve problems and generate success that’s in everyone’s best interests.

Achieving reconciliation involves raising awareness and knowledge of Indigenous history and culture, changing attitudes which are often based on myths and misunderstandings, and encouraging action where everyone plays their part in building a better relationship between us as fellow Australians.

View high profile and everyday Australians speaking about reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people. Directed and Presented by Tim Gibbs.


For more information visit the following links:

National Reconciliation Week

This website provides information about National Reconciliation Week, an opportunity for people across the country to reflect on Australia’s past and to move forward together. Get involved in National Reconciliation Week.

Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation Archive

The Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation was established by law in 1991. The Council was given a ten-year term to work on its mission “A united Australia which respects this land of ours; values the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage; and provides justice and equity for all.” The Council presented its final report to parliament in 2001.

Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) Program

Organisations across all sectors of the Australian community are signing up to specific, measurable, action oriented plans towards closing the 17 year life expectancy gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous children.

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