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Films & Music

Films & Music

There are many films, songs and artists involved in Reconciliation. This section features Reconciliation themed music, films and artists.

Most notably featured is the music video Apology: It’s Time which was created by renowned photographer Russell James in collaboration with celebrated musician of the Black-Eyed Peas and Indigenous artist and singer Clifton Bieundurry. It also features singer Ursula Yovich, Hugh Jackman, Prof. Fiona Stanley, Mark Bin Bakar and host of other Australians.

The Apology

This is a five minute trailer of the Apology screening. A helpful video for presentations and quick overview.

It’s Time – The Apology

Produced following last year’s national apology to the Stolen Generations, the video sends a powerful message in support of reconciliation and calls on all Australians to move forward together.

Dr Tom Calma addresses Parliament following the The Apology to the Stolen Generations

A powerful speech by then Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commissioner Dr Tom Calma.

Viewing for Reconciliation

If you’ve got a spare two hours sometime why not rent a film with an Indigenous theme from your local video store. It’s a great way to gain an insight into Indigenous people and the issues they’ve faced for a long time.

Reconcile Jukebox

The Reconciliation Jukebox is a selection of songs provided by artists who support the reconciliation movement.

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